“In the 21st century, public and private research universities are the seed capital for creating knowledge that fosters scientific- and technology-based economic development.Yet there are key underpinnings required to promote success in knowledge-based economic development: creating the highly-trained human capital that industry requires; and capitalizing on research, along with its efficiency as measured by outputs (patents, licenses executed, licensing income, and startups) relative to input (research expenditures), depict the production of good universities delivering on their mission.” (De Vol, et al. Concept to Commercialization, 2017)

The commercialization portfolio at the Centre covers a broad spectrum of projects, ranging from those that are currently licensed for use to others that are in the research, proof-of-concept, or pre-clinical stages. Collaborations among investigators at the Alberta Glycomics Centre, as well as with biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, fuel the progress of these projects.

For more information on projects with the AGC commercialization pipeline, or to discuss possible collaborations, please contact Dr. Klay Dyer, AGC Manager at 780-248-1908 or via email at