Finding the right molecule in a haystack of life-saving possibilities

Developing a new drug starts with identifying the molecule or “ligand” that can block the molecular target or “receptor” involved in a disease. Even with high throughput screening, finding that one functional ligand for a receptor from a haystack of millions of possible compounds is expensive, high–risk and time–consuming. Converting a promising target into a commercial drug typically takes about 15 years and costs up to $800 million.

To accelerate the discovery process, Canadian Glycomics Network (GlycoNet), in partnership with the Alberta Glycomics Centre (AGC) and the Derda Research Group at the University of Alberta (U of A), launched a service in January 2017 that enables academic scientists and biotech companies to identify that proverbial “needle” for a fraction of the time and cost. The 48Hour Discovery service can screen millions, even billions, of molecules simultaneously in a single test tube and get results in just 48 hours.  Click here for full story.